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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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live with the impact on bay area ts. collapsed buildings, icy roads, one of the worst winter storms in decades is halting travel. we are live with the impact on bay area airports. new leaks found in pg&e pipelines, the new weaknesses found in the wake of the san bruno blast. >> plenty of sunshine around the bay area. high pressure continues to dominate. warmer weather is ahead. and windy conditions along a few bay area bridges. also roadwork may slow you down. details coming up. good morning, it is wednesday, the 2nd of february. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. time now is 5:00. a monster storm ripping through the country's heartland is living up to the hype. it is being called the worst blizzard in decades. thigh it's bringing the midwest to a halt. some areas may see 2 feet of snow and when it ends, bitter
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cold will set in. blizzard warnings are out and many states have declared emergencies. this is middletown connecticut. the storm has left a lot of snow on the roads already. what a mess. the layers of dangerous ice and heavy snowfall have closed airports from texas to long island. christin ayers reports the bay area is feeling the effects of the bay area this morning. reporter: good morning. there certainly is an impact here at san francisco international airport. we just talked to a couple of people who have been standed here overnight. behind me you can see security lines are going moving. many more flights to the midwest and northeast have been cancelled on various airlines. we have flights that we have seen from american airlines, southwest, jetblue and continental all canceling flights to chicago, new york, newark and many other flights. that colossal storm has paralyzed travel as you mentioned from the northeast all the way out to texas.
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we actually just spoke to a couple of people who were on their way from texas to miami and are stranded here overnight hoping to get on a flight this afternoon. again, anyone who has flights going out particularly to the midwest and northeast in these areas is going to want to check with their airlines to ensure that those flights are on time. several flights to chicago are cancelled but some are going out. so this is going to be a wait- and-see as we go situation. so people being urged to check in with their airports before they leave. >> you said someone was going to miami and they are experiencing delays? >> reporter: yeah. their connecting flight was through dallas which as we heard dallas/fort worth shut down yesterday. so been waiting about 10 hours at the airport. >> no fun. all right. in san francisco this morning,
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christin ayers. thank you. the roof of a minnesota hardware store buckled under the weight of all that snow. take a look at the surveillance camera tape. employees say it was a normal tuesday afternoon at wagner hardware when the roof caved in. it blew open the doors. five workers were inside the building at the time. no one was injured. and this blizzard bringing more than just wind and snow. check it out. lightning. they call it snow lightning. it hit chicago last night creating quite a show. >> i have friends in chicago. it took him four hours to get home and it was usually a half hour. cars stuck in it. >> lawrence, you know what, look, you have an easy job today huh? >> oh, yes. not much going on. the friends in chicago will be coming out to visit very, very soon!
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>> they can't get out. all the flights are delayed. >> that's the problem. once that clears out it will be okay but they are still looking at some of that snow making its way through chicago. strong winds across that area, some of the waves lake michigan 15 to 20 feet. that's simply amazing! now a system sliding to the northeast, looks like a terrible mix. an ice storm making its way across the new york area today so it's going to be a terrible mess all across the northeast. behind that bitter cold temperatures well below zero in many spots throughout the day. all right. let's talk about our weather. you're talking about the freezing temperatures and the ice storms? out west great weather. how about this? 64 degrees san jose. 65 in oakland. 68 degrees almost 70 in santa rosa, makes you want to feel guilty -- maybe not! we are enjoying nice well, it's going to last for a while. even warmer temperatures expected over the weekend. all right. let's check on traffic with gianna. >> no complaints here, lawrence. all right.
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we have some windy conditions out there along the benicia bridge. they have a wind advisory in effect so use caution across the span. we are not dealing with fog so things are nice as you work your way through that portion. wind also reported along 680, gusty conditions there also. northbound 680 between alcosta and rutgers we have roadwork in effect until 6 a.m. various lanes closed through there. ongoing closures for the broadway tunnel from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m., it's cleared and everything is working in both directions through. no troubles to report through san francisco city streets. back to you. >> thank you. internet service is returning to egypt today after the country's government cut it off during a week of mass protests. a live look at protestors in cairo right now. there are reports of some injuries today. the result of clashes between the ant-government protestors and supporters of the government. the protestors' main demand is that egyptian president hosni mubarak immediately step down
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after three decades of rule. last night, mubarak announced in a speech that he will step down but only after elections in september. meantime, the u.s. embassy in egypt says a mandatory evacuation is under way of more than 1,000 staff members and their families. it is 5:06 you. the search for a young kidnap victim has ended in the central valley. pending conversation with dna, police say that the body of 4- year-old juliani cardenas was recovered from the delta- mendota canal yesterday morning. it was located about 30 miles downstream from where the suspect's car was found last week. that body found two weeks after the little boy was grabbed from his mother's arms in the town of patterson. last night, hundreds of people went to patterson city hall for a vigil. now, the cardenas family had not planned to attend, but then decided at the last minute to be there. >> i love you all so much.
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you guys don't even know. to me, you all my brothers and sisters and it's always been that way with me. the kidnapping suspect, that man, jose rodriguez, officials think his body is still in the canal. tasers for police officers going to be a hot topic tonight. last year the san francisco police commission said no to considering stun guns for police officers but now, it will reconsider. that after a number of officer- involved shootings recently including of that a disabled man just about a month ago. the interim police chief wants tasers for his officers. >> pg&e discovered more lakes in its pipeline system, according to results of its own survey. the study was prompted by last september's deadly pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno. they found 59 potentially hazardous leaks including 21 after its initial inspections last october. the utility also says it is in the process of scanning and
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indexing 1.25 million documents about its pipelines. a dog a sheep and one tall tale. >> it was afraid trying to get away. >> how this very unusual rescue came to an end on a bay area cliff. >> plus, it has already lost dozens of officers. how a surge in crime is adding more troubles to an east bay city's police force. one minute you feel fine. the next, you start feeling a bit off. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. dog and a sheep. sparkle, the black lab, appa a dramatic rescue involved an unlikely duo a dog and sheep. sparkle chased the sheep 300 feet down the cliff in
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richmond. firefighters took over after the dog walker tried to rescue the pair. it wasn't an easy task for the human rescuers. the cliff is unstable. has a lot of large loose rock so i knew we would get a lot of rock fall in the operation. >> oh, sparkle. it took more than a dozen richmond firefighters to rescue the animals and the animals' owner says sparkles the dog has a reputation for mischief. >> in trouble now... antioch's interim police chief says it's more important than ever for residents to form neighborhood watch groups. that as his police force gets smaller and crime more common. the "contra costa times" reports antioch's crime rate rose more than 11% last year. burglaries up 32%. there was a slight drop in violent crimes despite twice as many murders as the year before. the city of san jose may have to clear another hurdle in its effort to permanently close a nightclub with a history of
5:12 am
trouble. the americamy news says a potential buyer of club wet has filed suit in federal court claiming the city's regulations of nightclubs are unconstitutional, according to the "mercury news." the city wants to close the spot saying it mishandled a couple of incidents of patrons getting violent. a state court trial in the case is set for next week. the time now is 5:12. it is hard enough to take the college entrance exam. imagine learning your test was lost. >> the mistake that could keep dozens of bay area students from getting into college. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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most of the country in the deep freeze, folks. as cold as it's getting around the bay area, mid-50s out there right now. breezy over the mountains but looking good so far. by the afternoon, a whole lot of sunshine coming our way. some places near 70 degrees especially in the north bay. plenty of sunshine inside the bay, a little breezy over some of the mountains. at the coast, 50s and 60s, the sunshine will continue and headed toward the weekend, even better if you can believe that.
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there is a weak disturbance headed toward the coastline right here that may bring us some high clouds across our skies and that will probably be the worst of it for today. other than that plenty of sunshine with warm weather almost spring-like around parts of the bay area. offshore winds continue and that of course as that air sinks and approaches the coastline, it brings us mild weather. the east coast being pounded by one of the biggest storms in years. 63 fremont. 64 redwood city. 64 in union city. east bay temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 64 pleasanton. 64 degrees in alameda. north bay some of the warmest temperatures, some of the down slope winds into santa rosa maybe to 68 degrees there. 68 in sonoma and 65 in the napa valley. looking out over the next few days, maybe a couple of clouds across the skies as we head in
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toward tomorrow bringing temperatures down a few degrees but looking good. high pressure building in for the weekend, maybe mid-70s towards saturday. that's a look at weather. here's gianna with traffic. >> live look at 101 at alum rock where traffic looks good in both directions. no troubles right now. you are accident-free through the south bay. 280 good, as well. travel times in the south bay, on the maps, 280 looking good as well as guadalupe parkway. altamont pass travel times westbound 580, 14 minutes to the 680. west there was just heads up. westbound 580 between airway and north livermore we have various lanes closed for caltrans until 6:00. and if you are headed westbound 580 between high street and fruitvale roadwork there also. it's only in effect until 5:30. so a few more minutes. elsewhere your drive this morning, along the benicia
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bridge we have a wind advisory in effect so give yourself some extra time if you cross the span. windy on 680. eastshore freeway no delays to report looking good approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. meet me, clear across the upper deck into san francisco, metering lights off. golden gate bridge 8 minutes from 37 to 580 and clear all the way from the waldo tunnel across the span into san francisco. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. here's a look at this morning's top stories. airports are canceling flights across the country due to a major winter storm. at sfo, delays and cancellations are expected on flights to new york, boston and chicago. out of oakland, two flights to chicago have already been cancelled. no word on any delays out of san jose mineta airport yet. we are following reports of
5:19 am
more injuries in egypt today. the result of clashes between ant-government protestors and supporters of the government. this is a live look at more protests going on right now in cairo. the protestors demand that egyptian president hosni mubarak step down. last night mubarak said he will step down after elections in september. new concerns this morning over pg&e pipelines. the utility discovered more leaks in its system. the study was prompted by last september's deadly pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno. the utility says it found 59 potentially hazardous leaks including 21 found after its initial inspections last october. this is terrible news for some students getting into college just got even more stressful for them. about 100 east bay high school students, that's because their entrance exam scores got lost. 101 students at oakland technical high school found out
5:20 am
their a.c.t. answer sheets were damaged. now, the company is telling us it wasn't their fault... but it's little comfort to those students scrambling to get into school. >> i'm panicking. can i retake it or if i do will the score get there in time? >> i was disappointed and mad because my scores didn't go through. >> a.c.t. as told those affected students they can retake the test this month and the registration fees will be refunded but some schools have told the students they won't accommodate those late scores. if governor brown gets the special election he wants in june, it might be a mail-in event. the governor wants to ask voters to extend some temporary taxes for five years. the "chronicle" reports that there is a move now to make it a vote by mail election. the public policy institute of california found people over the age of 55 are most likely to support the tax extensions and the most likely to vote by mail. former california first
5:21 am
lady maria shriver is getting back into the media business taking on a job as first guest editor of the magazine o, the oprah winfrey magazine. shriver will oversee the april issue that will focus on national poetry month. it will include poems from various writers and celebrities including actress demi moore and from former boxer mike tyson. did you know mike tyson wrote poetry? >> no but he has this sweet voice, maybe he has this sweet sensitive side. >> we'll see. 5:21. our new co-anchor frank mallicoat is on the way to california from the east coast but smack in the middle of this major storm. >> we are going to see what he is dealing with's makes his trek all across the country. plus... >> it says your ride is very smooth. >> ah yeah. hear that sheila? >> never going to happen. >> with consumer and expert reviews -- >> talking cars? you know it's time for the super bowl. [ we have another sneak peek at the commercials everyone will be talking about. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. mallicoat is on his way to the good morning. windy conditions at the benicia bridge. chp issued a wind advisory so go slow across the span. delays already on south 680. details on that and the rest of your hot spots in minutes.
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thank you. it is 5:24. you probably know i'm getting a new co-anchor next week, his name is frank mallicoat and he is on the way to the bay area. he has been working in boston but he is driving with his wife and cat all the way from the east coast. and he is recording his journey so check out the nasty weather conditions that frank is up against. >> good morning, everyone! frank mallicoat reporting from the poconos! we are in the city of danville, pennsylvania, not the leafy suburb in the east bay. i sure wish we were. we would be home and a heck of a lot warmer. here's our ride. as you can see, we hit a little bit of snow and a whole lot more coming if you have been watching the weather the last 24 hours. the motherlode of storms hitting about every city. we are supposed to be in the next couple of days including pittsburg. we are about 100 miles to the east of pittsburg right now. and i think it's going to be some tough sledding. i'm beginning to believe that you may be flying from boston to san francisco would have been probably a better idea but hey, we're adventurous and
5:26 am
having fun. much more coming up tomorrow. in the meantime, i got to get on that road! >> actually, frank may be stuck in a motel right now. we were hoping that he would be able to join us by monday or tuesday. we'll keep our fingers crossed but you can keep one frank's journey all week because he is blogging his experience on the cbs 5 facebook page. hey, we were putting him to work before he actually gets here. >> anyway, we look forward to having him join us here at cbs 5. if your favorite part of the super bowl is commercials, we have a treat for you. >> here is a sneak peek at an ad that you will see this sunday. >> hey, guys, the reviews are in on >> really what do they say? >> it says sheila looks great, topless. [ laughter ] >> what's so fun? i? >> nothing. >> that ad is from other commercials to expect, volkswagen rolling out its new black beetle ad without even showing the actual car at least not yet. >> they just say it's coming.
5:27 am
a little tease. >> there is a special customer created ad from frito-lay. they let customers send in their own ads and all of these are going to debut during the big game. >> yeah. whenever they have a hot woman in a commercial that's usually a good thing on super bowl sunday. >> remember danica patrick go >> yeah. it is 5:27. you have probably seen him in the commercials. next, we'll talk with a bay area man that's even been to every super bowl. >> and no need to cover up anymore. the new airport body scanner that is not as intrusive. what this lets passengers do what the others don't. a wintry blast impacting flights all across the nation. it's hurting hundreds of flights here at san francisco. we'll tell you why the cancellations will only get worse. ,,,, honey bunches of oats.
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and i'm sydnie kohara. time is 5-- good morning. it is wednesday, february 2. groundhog day. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 5:30. we have to start with this wild winter blizzard that's lashing a third of the country with snow and ice. this is a live look at times square in new york.
5:31 am
reports of freezing rain. other places it's white-out. flights cancelled all across the country and airports shut down. christin ayers is at san francisco international airport this morning where the storm has already stranded many bay area travelers and kristin, i had some houseguests who are going to sfo this morning to try to get to rochester, new york, and have a feeling they will be sitting there for a while. good morning. >> reporter: that is very possible. good morning. right now, the greatest impact is happening at the airport's largers carrier united and american. they cancelled all flights heading to chicago and airport officials say as the day wears on, these cancellations are only going to increase. nationwide, already, about 13,000 flights have been cancelled because of this icy blast of winter. here at san francisco airport, hundreds of flights will likely be cancelled. we met a group of guys on the way to dallas/fort worth airport which shut down yesterday. they were stranded for hours here overnight just waiting to try and get on a flight. again, this afternoon, airport
5:32 am
officials tell us there is no telling how long these cancellations could last. >> how long the storms last and how quickly the airlines can recover, probably 24 hours. but then the backlog of flights and passengers has to get back on track so that could take some time as well. >> reporter: their advice to people flying today is the same as it usually is to go ahead and check in with your airline. we are as i said earlier seeing cancellations out of chicago. but later on today we'll start seeing them out of boston, newark, new york. this is just going to continue. so very good advice to check in with your airlines if you plan on flying today. back to you. >> i'm glad i gave my friends lots of snacks. they may need them today and patience. christin ayers, thank you very much at sfo. denver international planes had to be de-iced because of all the cold weather. more than 250 flights were cancelled as of last night. numerous schools will be closed today. it seems the buses even can't
5:33 am
handle the freezing weather, which is expected to reach 30 below zero with the windchill factor. and one second it was just business as usual here and then take a look. part of the roof at a hard war store in minnesota collapse -- hardware store in minnesota collapsed yesterday under the weight of all that snow. there were five people inside when the roof came down but we are told everyone is okay. one person said it sounded like thunder, another felt like he was in an action movie. time now 5:33. i took my book, laid out by fort mason in san francisco for hours. >> texting all your friends on the east coast. >> i was tempted to. i felt a little guilty but i thought about going on facebook and saying, sorry. lawrence, there were people sunbathing next to me. >> it's going to get even warmer over the next few days especially in toward the weekend when we are talking about 70s. and that's what everybody is going to want to move from the east coast and head out here. what about the storm? it's just been a monster making its way across the country. heavy snowfall through chicago,
5:34 am
now that messy freezing rain in through new york and it's going to be just a tough day there. by the afternoon, the temperatures are going to actually warm up just a bit. but nonetheless, this has been one storm for the record books. and now you have all that cold air behind it. and it's going to take a while for that cold air to begin to mix out. but here in the bay area, yeah, we have nothing but nice weather compared to that. it is going to be running well above the average in toward the afternoon. should be about 64 degrees in san jose, 63 san francisco, 64 concord, and check out santa rosa. by the afternoon, almost 70 degrees, that's 9 degrees above average. let's check the traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. we'll head to the caldecott tunnel where we are getting first reports of an accident westbound 24 just as you approach the tunnel. two cars involved. trying to push it off to the right shoulder. hopefully no lanes are block. chp just arriving on scene. you can see traffic though still moving well through that area. no injuries so the minor problem should be cleared in a few minutes. windy conditions this morning along the benicia bridge. a wind advisory is in effect so
5:35 am
use caution as you travel across the span. also getting reports of some slow and go conditions already southbound 680 from 24 to lavorna. give yourself some extra time. san mateo bridge, light 13 minutes from 880 to 101. mass transit everything is on time, bart, ace, muni and caltrain. back to you. >> thank you. 5:35. this morning, government supporters and ant-government protestors have collided in egypt's capital. they are ignoring a plea from the military to end the protests. this is live look at cairo. you can see the action there. today's clash happened in the central tahrir square where thousands of demonstrators are calling for the ouster of egyptian president hosni mubarak and they have been keeping vigil for days. there are reports that the two sides were hitting each other with sticks and some were injured. last night, mubarak announced in a speech that he will step
5:36 am
down but only after elections in september. and as we watch what's happening here in tahrir square in cairo, the u.s. embassy in egypt is saying that a mandatory evacuation is now under way of more than 1000 staff members and their families. we will keep you up to date on what's happening in cairo, egypt. pg&e has discovered more leaks in its pipelines system. that's according to the utility's own survey conducted after last september's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. pg&e says it found 59 potentially hazardous leaks. 21 of the leaks were found after its initial inspections last october. pg&e also says that it is in the process of scanning and indexing more than a million documents about its pipelines. meantime, pg&e says it will share specific information about its pipeline infrastructure with the fire departments in fremont and san francisco. the purpose is to protect first
5:37 am
responders in event of another gas-related fire. the deal with the two cities is considered a pilot program that could eventually spread to other areas in pg&e's territory. san francisco economist admission is asking for tasers again. they rejected a call to consider stun guns for the officers but after officer- involved shootings the issue will be visited again. the interim police chief wants tasers for his officers. morgan hill police warning drivers to be extra cautious after a sudden rash of car burglaries. get this. there have been 108 in just the past six months. more than double the number from the same time a year ago. investigators say it's unclear why there is such a huge spike in these crimes. but they do say that a lot of victims did not follow basic guidelines. >> it's harder for the criminals so we are asking that the public lock their cars, close their windows, remove
5:38 am
anything that's value out of their car. >> the crime scenes range from residential streets to busy public parking areas. six silicon valley giants are helping pay for a $2 billion hospital that's planned for stanford university. the "mercury news" reports the companies are pledging $150 million for the facility because high quality healthcare helps them recruit and retain top employees. those companies are apple, ebay, hewlett-packard, intuit and oracle. 5:38. google against microsoft. the feud and how you're right in the middle of it. >> plus, another sneak peek at a super bowl commercial. the splashing end to this pepsi ad. ,,,,,,
5:39 am
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daley plaza in chicago!!!!! terrell brown is in new york all quiet in chicago, illinois. nomageddon! these are pictures of daly plaza in chicago. getting hit with a monster storm. white-out conditions there, looks calmer because it's moved east and now everybody on the east coast is getting hit hard. >> terrell brown is in new york this morning as the snow bears down on the big apple. you're all bundled up. how cold is it? >> reporter: sydnie, elizabeth, good morning. i would say mid- to upper 20s. temperatures have dropped a little bit from where they were at before. it seems like every week in new york city we are talking about another snowstorm or the city getting hit again. with this snowstorm, though, which seems like it hit every
5:42 am
other city in the country, new york isn't getting the worst of it. if you go a little north toward boston, even back towards chicago and dallas and tulsa and oklahoma city, those cities really getting rocked by this winter storm. i mention all of those cities because if you are taking a flight from sfo to those areas, you're in trouble as the storm bears down to the northeast. reporter: chicago's used to brutal winters but not like this. a megablizzard is slamming the windy city this morning with up to two feet of snow and gale- force winds. >> that snow real listings. >> reporter: the nasty system forced the shutdown of chicago's lakeshore drive. emergency crews workedded through the night rescuing hundreds of stranded drives and passengers. all the heavy snow is too much for some buildings to handle. it's windy and biting but i surveillance video captured this roof buckling at a hardware store in minnesota. five workers inside narrowly escaped.
5:43 am
>> i run back in, hit the floor, the building is coming down! you can see the roof is collapsing. >> reporter: here in new york and the northeast the problem isn't snow. take a look. it's ice. it's coming down now. freezing rain could warn power outages and make travel treacherous. >> right now i'm just stuck. >> reporter: more than 4,000 flights have already been cancelled and that number is sure to grow. >> this is probably going to be one of the most disruptive storms for the united states as a whole we have seen in the last 10 to 15 years. >> reporter: as if the snow and ice weren't enough, once the storm moves out deep freeze will set in with some temperatures well below zero in some places. so we have the rain, we have rain of a freezing type right now falling here in new york city. temperatures mid- to upper 20s. and this is going to hang on here for a good portion of the day. by the way in boston where they are expecting all that snow, they are trying to find areas to shovel it. they are running out of space to shovel all of this snow that's been falling since december, elizabeth and sydnie. >> where do you put it all?
5:44 am
terrell, chicago was saying they had not had a snow day for kids in 12 years. what about new york? it looks like behind you it's business as usual for most people. >> reporter: yeah, you know, it's the track of the storm. the way that it moves, we saw sort of this i would say westerly to northeasterly track. and if you go north, so let's say north of new york city, upstate new york, boston, they got a lot more snow and they are dealing with a lot more freezing rain. it's funny like i said before it's sort of karma. where the rest of the country gets blown up by this storm, new york city is spared the bullet. it happens that way sometimes. >> you have already had your fair share , huh? >> reporter: yeah. we'll give it back, too, please, take it! [ laughter ] >> terrell, sunshine in san francisco, we are not going to tell you we have 65 or 70 degrees. don't listen to us. thank you terrell brown, live in new york city. hey, stay warm out there. >> reporter: thank you. let's check our forecast. why not? let's rub it n making it easy for you, lawrence. >> i hope terrell isn't
5:45 am
watching this forecast. this is something else, folks. we are basking in the sunshine out west as high pressure sits overhead. temperatures spring-like around the bay area. numbers 50s and 40s but that's as cold as it will get, clear start to the coast. and by the afternoon, check out some of these temperatures. 50s, even upper 60s. yeah, it is going to be one of those beautiful afternoons all the way to the coastline again with clear skies just a little breezy in spots, especially over some of the hills. all right. here's the storm system and it is a monster storm stretching all the way up from much of the northeast down into texas and you can see, causing trouble along the way. behind that, very cold air. you have had blizzard conditions and now freezing rain making its way across new england. more of that trouble continues throughout the day but through the day we'll see warmer air working in. and that will bring with it more rain around that area. all right. let's make them jealous. high pressure continues to sit over the west coast bringing us, yeah, that dry weather continuing here. some breezy conditions but
5:46 am
those offshore winds making for some very mild weather around the bay area. numbers going to look like this. let's plan on about 64 degrees san jose. 64 in cupertino. 65 in campbell. about 64 union city. a little cooler in spots inland today, probably 59 in brentwood, 60 antioch, 64 pleasanton. some of the warmer spots you get those down slope winds that offshore flow maybe as high as 6 petaluma about 68 in sonoma, 68 sunny and beautiful. check it out the next few days. we may cool temperatures down a little bit as we head in toward tomorrow throw in a couple more clouds. as we look toward the weekend that ridge begins to strengthen. temperatures soaring to the mid- 70s in some of the warmer spots as we head throughout the weekend. all right. let's check on traffic now with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. so far, so good on the roads. just some extra volume as your commute gets under way but we are accident-free. looking live at our eastshore freeway commute. these headlights are headed eastbound most of that congestion you see on the top
5:47 am
of your screen that's the westbound commute direction. right around university. so already starting to get busy this morning. your bay bridge approach we are seeing delays. you can see traffic starting to back up here. also a little earlier than usual, no metering lights, still 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and traffic is still looking good as you head across the upper deck into san francisco. roadwork earlier has now been cleared. here's a look at northbound 880 headed near the coliseum. southbound that's where those headlights are headed into the hayward area. traffic is starting to get a little bit busy through that portion but speeds still moving well overall this morning. golden gate bridge checking in problem-free. no delays. you're accident-free throughout marin county speeds looking good south 101 from 37 to 580. no troubles there. you can see here on the golden gate bridge traffic moving nicely across the span. your 101 central freeway not too bad. traffic looking good in both directions. no delays to report through
5:48 am
that portion. also, along the peninsula, traffic moving well. now, we have a wind advisory along the benicia bridge. it's limited -- use caution as you move your way across the span. the good news is no fog. we were dealing with fog pretty much for the last couple of weeks on the benicia and so far, so good. a little slow on 680 as well near 4. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. let's check today's top stories. police say that the body of a child found in a central valley canal is that of 4-year-old kidnap victim juliani cardenas. it was about 30 miles downstream from where the suspect's car was found. official think the suspected kidnapper is also dead. chris moore is now san jose's new police chief. he has been serving as act chief since last year's retirement of rob davis. he got final approval yesterday. support for him is widespread but his selection was criticized by some activists. a big showdown over healthcare could come as early
5:49 am
as today on capitol hill. the u.s. senate is expected to vote this week on whether to repeal the obama administration's healthcare overhaul. that bill passed late last year. majority leader harry reid says republicans won't have enough votes to overturn it. new this morning, teen births have declined in california. the department of public health released these numbers. there were about 32 births for every 1,000 teens in 2009. the most recent year available. compared to 2008, there were 35 for 1,000. california's teen birth rate is lower than the national average w more health news, here's betty nguyen. >> reporter: millions of americans are putting themselves at risk for a heart attack or stroke because they don't have their blood pressure and cholesterol checked. the centers for disease control reports that two out of three adults with high cholesterol and half of adults with high blood pressure are not being treated effectively. high blood pressure and high cholesterol are two major risk factors for heart attack and
5:50 am
stroke which kill 800,000 americans a year. more troubling news on the popular cancer drug avastin. the new analysis of 16 previous studies shows using avastin with chemotherapy is associated with an increased risk of death. avastin is used to treat colon and lung cancer. in december, the fda withdrew the drug's approval for breast cancer. and new research has a warning for women whose mothers suffered a stroke. a study of more than 2,000 patients finds if mom had a stroke, the daughter is at greater risk of having a heart attack. researchers say knowing the risk will help doctors better advise their patients. while women have fewer heart attacks than men, they are more likely to die from one. those are some of today's top medical stories. i'm betty nguyen, cbs news, new york. gone in a splash. what you will no longer see at golden gate park. >> love hurts. we'll show you why after the
5:51 am
break. [ laughter ] to help avoid dental problems i give patients act restoring mouthwash. strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now.
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♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, do it
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♪ oh, do it ♪ ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] coffee's like life. it's better when you add your flavor. visit us on facebook to find out how you can get a free bottle of coffee-mate on february 4th. supervisors voted to get rid of tourists can now see the botanical garden at golden gate park for free. the board of supervisors voting to get rid of the admission fee last night. they said the charge would only dampen a person's experience at the park. it was a $7 fee and it was only in effect for about six months. the city is now looking into other ways to make up for the lost revenue. how do you score free tickets to the super bowl in one san francisco man has devoted a lifetime to the big game and is now one of the nfl's preferred fans. did you know they had those? larry jacobson has attended every super bowl. we caught up with him before left for texas yesterday. >> it all got started because i was trying to impress a young
5:54 am
woman. i thought it would be impressive if i flew from san francisco down to los angeles, saw a football, had dinner and flew home. and she wasn't impressed either with the game or with me. >> but obviously he married someone very, very nice who allows him to go to the super bowl every year. >> who appreciated him for him. >> i think i have seen the commercial, he goes with a couple of buddies. >> really? fun trip. i like that. >> good for him. we are getting our first look at some super bowl commercials. >> we are. and we are going to be showing several throughout the morning. here's one from pepsi. >> hot fruit cup. ♪ [ music ] >> pepsi max, zero calories. >> maximum taste. >> honey!
5:55 am
[ laughter ] >> that's just one of the dozens of commercials set to air on sunday. companies spend close to $3 million for just 30 seconds of air time. we are going to show you more super bowl commercials in our next hour. that one looks interesting, as well. >> it does. interesting. yeah. time is now 5:55. >> lawrence, are you paying attention to the weather or watching these commercials. >> don't forget there is a game on in between all those commercials in weekend. [ laughter ] yeah, folks, a lot of sunshine around the bay area the past few days, still breezy in spots this morning but get a load of this. as we head through the next seven days, plenty of sunshine today, temperatures in the upper 60s in the warmest spots, you can see 50s and 60s coastside a lot of 60s inside the bay maybe cooler for tomorrow. and then high pressure really begins to build in. and i think over the weekend, those temperatures soaring well into the 70s, maybe even some mid-70s as we head in towards saturday, maybe sunday, as well. so how about this? we have a great picture for you. we are going to have it nice
5:56 am
and dry. how about this? a beautiful shot of the lighthouse there, sunset was beautiful, thank you, kim. beautiful sunshine there and, of course, if you would like to send us pictures send them to >> traffic isn't too bad. we are accident-free on the freeways. we have the city street problem i'll have in a second but first the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is starting to back up a bit. pretty early this morning, typically we don't see these kind of delays until after 6:00 so give yourself some extra time. metering lights are still off. now, on the city street problem in san francisco, octavia boulevard right at oak street reports of an accident. lanes blocked through the area. overall traffic not doing too bad other than that accident. 101 checking in problem-free, 280 extension into san francisco with they delays right now. if you're headed to the south bay one of our bright spots right now no delays on 101, live look at 880 at 237 where traffic is off to a good start for your morning commute. that's a look at your drive. back to you.
5:57 am
>> thank you. it is now 5:56. in the next hour, why coffee can boost brain power in women. we understand this. and the negative effects that it has on men. >> plus, you talked and the tsa responded. the new body scanner just unveiled. plus, we are monitoring the chaos in egypt. protestors ignore the military's plea to back down. how today's rallies are turning violent. and stormy weather across the nation leaves san francisco travelers stuck at the airport. why the cancellations may continue tomorrow. [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a colossal blizzard affecting a third of the country this morning. the impact it's having on airports here in the bay area. a starting discovery for pg&e. the dozens of leaks it found in the wake of the san bruno pipeline explosion.


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